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DSC00952 (2)New Zealand Safaris

This is one of our premier hunting destinations.

Red stags can be hunted in many different properties of the South Islands. These stags are world class trophies, free range and game ranch, and can be hunted between the season of March to August. We have access to Thar and Chamios in many different locations of the Southern Alps. The best time to hunt these are from March to September.

High Country Safaris has access to one of the best free range fallow buck blocks on the South Island. Huge bucks are taken each year, the best time to hunt fallow is in the rut in April. Wild ram pigs and goats are also available on all our properties. Game ranch hunting for elk is also available upon request. Most of our hunts are for four days. Fishing and sightseeing tours are extremely popular with our clients. New Zealand is the perfect destination for you to combine various animals on your hunt. We will cater a package to suit your needs. Group bookings are the best way to enjoy your hunt as discounts apply. We will pick you up from Christchurch airport and can accompany you to New Zealand.

We supply all ground transport, meals and accommodation during your hunt. We will also offer fire arm and ammunition hire, as transporting your own fire arm can be a hassle. 

Contact us for prices and discounts for group bookings.

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Northern Territory Safaris

All of our Buffalo, banteng and scrub bull hunts are conducted on three large stations.

These properties offer world class trophies.  We will pick you up from Darwin airport.  They are usually a five day hunt, but can be organised to suit your needs.

Cull hunts are available and plenty of pigs and fishing can be included.  Discounts for group bookings are available.  Best time to hunt is from June to October, but we can cater all year round as we have the use of a helicopter if needed.  Included in this hunt are an all ground transport, meals accommodation and felid trophy preparation. 

Contact us for pricing or discounts for group bookings.

Ruso North QLNorthern Queensland Safaris

High country safaris have access to two large North Queensland properties for free range chital and Rusa stags.

Game ranch hunts are also available for record class animals. These hunts are a full three days of hunting. Chital stags can be hunted all year round. Best time for Rusa stags are between May and July. We arrange pick up from the nearest airport, and provide all ground transport, food, accommodation and all field trophy preparation. 

Contact us for prices and discounts for group bookings.

Frosty's red stag 052South East Queensland Safaris Red Stag

High country Safaris are based in the heart of red stag country.

We have access to large free range hunting blocks.  Our game ranch and accommodation cabin are both located in this area. These hunts are a full three days of hunting the best time to hunt is in the "Roar" in late March to mid-April.

You can combine a free range stag with a game ranch stag, this is a very popular hunt. Most free range trophies have a length of thirty plus inches, and a minimum of ten points.  We can pick you up from Brisbane airport, or you may wish to drive to our home and we will transport you to our hunting block.  During this hunt we provide food, transport, accommodation and field trophy preparation. There are discounts for two or more hunters. 

High Country Safaris

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