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Max & Cindy

Cindy and I had a wonderful time on our trip to Australia and our hunts with High Country Safaris.

Peter and Georgie were excellent hosts and we truly enjoyed the hunting free range for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Rusa Deer and also buffalo. We chose free range over estate hunts in order to see more country and hunt more like our native Montana.

In addition to the excellent hunting experiences, Peter and Georgie helped arrange for a stay on the coast, deep sea fishing, and a few days in Brisbane. Would highly recommend a trip to Australia and hunting with High Country Safaris

David Luckock

I've hunted with Peter and been on hunts organised by him in Queensland, Northern Territory and New Zealand, all fully guided in both free range and ranch style hunts. 

I've seen and taken some massive animals in both hunting styles in great locations using both my own and Peter's good quality rifles with good success.  Animals of different sizes and species have been available for any budget I've had. 

I've personally taken multiple Red Deer, Fallow, Rusa, Buffalo, Tahr and Chamios all of which have been great hunts and trophies. 

Peter has also organised great taxidermists in both Australia and New Zealand when I've required it.  Overall it's always been a great experience tailored to my needs and budget, and I look forward to many more hunts in the future.

David Luckock

Pat. NSW

I had the opportunity to go on a hunt with High Country Safaris run by Peter & Georgie Edser based in Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia.

I contacted Peter some time ago and described the type of Red Stag trophy I was after.  Peter  kept in contact and had a stag he thought matched my description. The hunt was arranged for the optimum time to get good antler and cape.

The hunt was exceptional, the stag Peter pointed out was exactly what I was after. I could not of been more impressed.

Peter & Georgie offer absolute A 1 accommodation and meals. Very professional and you are made to feel at home. All efforts to accommodate your needs are made.

Without hesitation I will be returning to hunt a Rusa soon. Peter & Georgie offer many types of hunts, here in Australia and NZ and I would recommend High Country Safaris to anyone wanting to hunt quality trophies at a good price with everything taken care of by professional, genuine and friendly people. High Country Safaris will be my choice to arrange my NZ hunt for Red Stag and Elk.

A great hunt I will always remember. Thanks Peter & Georgie.


Paul Lyons

I have hunted with Peter Edser since 2006 on four occasions twice in New Zealand and twice in Australia.

I have been hunting for 30 years and Peter's passion and experience ensured I have had without question the best hunting adventures of my life.  In New Zealand we hunted Thar, Red Stag, Fallow Bucks.Chamois. In Australia we hunted for Bangtang, Buffalo, Pigs and Red Stags. I have always come away with record book trophies.

Peter is like no one I have encountered ever before he is a fantastic PH.  His commitment and attention to detail goes way above and beyond.  Peter understands how valuble customers time is and every little detail is tended to from providing clear and precise instructions and background information on the animals we hunted, what to anticipate when getting off the plane, customs, firearms, to what to expect at the campsite. Documentation and necessary paperwork is presented in an organized and timely manner leaving no question unanswered or detail unknown. Peter was available for every telephone call and email and answered all of my questions to my complete satisfaction.

The accommodations were above my expectations and the food and beverage was excellent in both the quality and quantity of all the meals we were served.  Peter is not only a fantastic host he is an expert and passionate hunter who understands the game we hunted intimately.  Importantly for me Peter has access to some of the most exclusive hunting properties in Australia and New Zealand with top class trophies in abundance.  

I have referred several of my friends and business associates to Peter and without exception all of them have had the most amazing adventures with Peter and his team harvesting great trophies and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.  I can highly recommend Peter as a person of the utmost integrity and professionalism who will tailor a hunting experience to suit any budget and level of experience.

I can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (64) 021931974

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